Marijuana Use & Pregnancy

While marijuana use is increasing in many states, according to the Centers for Disease Control it can be harmful to your baby's health. For example: Using marijuana during pregnancy may increase your baby’s risk of developmental problems.1–7 The chemicals in any form of marijuana may be bad for your baby – this includes edible marijuana [...]

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Appointment Questions

Do I need to schedule an appointment? Please do. We try to fit walk-ins into our schedule whenever possible, but by making an appointment you can make sure an opening will be available when you come. How soon can I get an appointment? You may be able to come in the same day you contact [...]

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Why You Should Have an Ultrasound

You may question if you need an ultrasound when you are unsure about your decision. APS is here for you if you think you’re pregnant and haven’t decided how you want to proceed. Out of our care for you (and your health) we offer free, limited ultrasounds. An ultrasound can provide more information than a [...]

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Fees and Eligibility

How much do you charge? APS Medical provides all services free of charge, regardless of your income level, because we think every woman should have access to quality care, accurate information, and community support. How can you offer your services without charging for them? APS is funded by donations from people throughout our service area, [...]

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Your Choice: Does it Still Trouble You?

Perhaps abortion was supposed to be a quick fix, to keep your life on track. But the memories keep surfacing… An experienced abortion-recovery volunteer can assist you in working through your feelings and finding healing. It can be done in an individual or group setting. If you would like someone to contact you please text “Post-Abortion” [...]

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What Are Clients Saying About Their Experience?

A recent client who came in for a pregnancy test and ultrasound shared that the staff was very interested in her needs. She added “The advocate was wonderful and very easy to talk to.” Another client shared how comfortable she felt and that the receptionist was very considerate. She stated that the ultrasound and doctor [...]

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WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is a special supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants, and Children. WIC provides nutritious foods, nutrition education (including breastfeeding education and support), and referrals to health and other social services to participants at no charge. WIC serves low-income pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women, and children up to age 5 who [...]

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Pregnancy Symptoms

The most common early signs and symptoms of pregnancy might include: Missed period Tender, swollen breasts Nausea with or without vomiting Increased urination Fatigue If you think you may be pregnant, we can serve you with a free, confidential pregnancy test. We are also able to share information about abortion procedures/risks, adoption and parenting resources. [...]

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